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My great-grandparents came from Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK, and Llanover, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK in 1865.  They brought their families and traditions with them and passed these traditions down to their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Being Welsh coal miners, they settled in North-Eastern Pennsylvania where the Anthracite coal mines exist. Welsh cakes were a welcome sweet treat from home when they were working below-ground in the dark mines. 

Welsh Tea Cakes were known in our family as "Welsh Cookies" and always brought such joy to us as children, whenever Grandma would make them. When we got older, Grandma would spend all day teaching us to make these delightful treats.  The hours spent making these treats were filled with joy and laughter.  Our family recipe was and is still a closely guarded secret.  We were not given the family recipe until we were married for five years.  A tradition still held today!

At Christmastime, Grandma used to make a fudge so rich and creamy you could eat half a pan! We loved standing at the stove stirring the pot at "just the right speed" to the perfect temperature so that the fudge would be firm yet still creamy. 

When Grandma passed away we wanted to keep her memory alive through these traditions and share her love with others.  We started with the original recipes and expanded to new and unique flavors.  We decided to share the love and joy of this tradition with others.

Thus, The Welsh Tea Shoppe was born.

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